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Jessica Jolia Turns Her Harmonies Into Hustle

After more than a decade of making music, singer and songwriter Jessica Jolia is preparing for the release of her debut album.

Michigan-born, California-raised artist Jessica Jolia’s journey in the music industry boasts diverse experiences that have shaped her into the artist she is today. Through her early passion for sound, Jolia has explored various genres and styles, crafting her artistic approach to form the foundation of her music. 

Jolia’s first major breakthrough came with her 2014 debut single “Sometimes,” featured in the film Sister Code. The song, reflective of her different musical experiences, features her soulful vocals with an acoustic undertone. Jolia’s next release, 2017 dance anthem “Want You,” also received acclaim — finding international success after it was used in a popular Polish commercial and became a club anthem. In the years since, Jolia has gone on to perform on “The Ellen Show” and “The Late Late Show.” 

Concurrently with her musical pursuit, Jolia considers herself a forever student. From classical vocal performance studies to delving into music business, production and media communications, her music and educational journeys are intricately woven together. She is currently pursuing an MBA in finance, noting the importance of being well-informed in the ever-changing music industry. Her educational background not only aids in navigating contracts, but also positions her to consult and advise others in the industry.

“I do have attorneys and legal guides, but I can see for myself, to be able to articulate my own concerns, which puts me in a better position,” Jolia expressed. “I’m not blindly walking into a situation, blindly agreeing to anything, and then when something happens, being shocked and surprised, just because I simply didn’t have the awareness.”

Jessica Jolia is getting ready to release her anticipated debut self-titled album, beginning with single “Caught In The Middle,” set to release in February.

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