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You Heard It First: Jessica Jolia

Los Angeles, CA based singer, songwriter, and producer Jessica Jolia creates intoxicatingly smooth R&B, covering complex themes of love, growth, and vulnerability.

A self-taught pianist and classically trained woodwind instrumentalist, Jessica has always dedicated a lot of her energy to her skills as a musician which landed her a scholarship to Berklee College Of Music. After graduation she continued pursuing a career as a recording artist, and has shared the stage on tours with some of the industry’s largest artists including Meghan Trainor, T.I., Iggy Azalea, and The Chainsmokers. Jessica’s debut single “Sometimes” saw a lot of success, getting featured in the 2015 film “Sister Code” and also being added to Spotify’s Top Tracks of 2016 “Fire Emoji” playlist. Since then, Jessica has since released several singles including two in 2020 - “On A Break” and “In The Water”.

“In The Water” is Jessica’s latest single, an upbeat and powerful track about learning life lessons and keeping a low profile.

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