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Jessica Jolia Finds Herself Unexpectedly Falling In Love On ‘Ooh La La’

Jessica Jolia may have been 'On A Break', but the singer-songwriter now returns with a feel-good tune that's made for cruising.

The singer sings about how a potential lover has her reconsidering her policy when it comes to love thanks to their “different” kind of connection. “You got me sayin’ / Ooh la la, you got that / Not really the kind that I would think of as my type, yeah,” she sings on the chorus. “You got a way that hit me different / It’s like I been blazin’ with this feeling.”

It seems that the freer feel of “Ooh La La” is something that Jessica Jolia has been cultivating in her newer work. “This time around, I really focused on the things I love so deeply about music and let the words and sounds freely flow,” she wrote on Instagram. “I realized the gift is simply sharing the gift.”

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