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Saturday Spotlight: Jessica Jolia + Ghandiii

2020 was a hard and trying year for many, but we’ve managed to persevere through many trials and tribulations. From the passing of many, young talent to a pandemic that’s kept us in quarantine for nearly a year now, to the fight against police brutality, to a President that wouldn’t admit defeat. 2020 was the most difficult year in recent memory, but it also birthed artistic ambitions and newfound passions in people, embarking individuals on a new career choice or simply venturing into a new hobby.

As we start the new year off, it’s a good opportunity to remind the world that this year won’t be a breeze in the park. 2021 is going to be about repair and elevation, everyone’s striving for better standings and positions from the aftershock of the previous year. Everything you’ve learned, every lesson that’s expanded your knowledge, this year is the time to execute.

If you’re a rapper and you started writing rhymes last year, this is the year to start recording. If you’re a producer and you just learned how to make beats, it’s time to show the world your work. Let’s make 2021 about success and prosperity. With that aside, let’s introduce our winners for this week’s Saturday Spotlight series.

Jessica Jolia

Introducing first is Jessica Jolia, the singer and producer from Los Angeles that’s translating love and desire through rhythm and eloquent vocals. On her latest single, “Hold Me Close”, Jessica finds comfort in her vulnerability and want for physical interaction. Mixing R&B with flares of Pop, she’s able to connect with the listener on an emotional level and make you move all at the same time.

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