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R&B Singer-Songwriter Jessica Jolia Learns to Love Again on Her New Single “No Question”

Today, Los Angeles-based songwriter, producer and R&B artist, Jessica Jolia, released her new single “No Question”. The song, with its smooth and laid back groove, tells the story of Jolia and her love interest seemingly playing a game of cat and mouse as she keeps her eager lover waiting, encouraging them to make sure this budding relationship is what they really want.

The song explores the complexities, and sometimes contradictions, of relationships and the cycle of heartbreak and loving again, while revealing Jolia’s multi-octave and effortless vocal range.

“We live, we love, and sometimes we lose. The residue of heartbreak is often an impenetrable wall, protecting us more than we truly require, yet we take comfort in simply knowing it exists”, she explains. “Time goes by, healing happens, and eventually we feel good again. We are ourselves again. And then, out of the blue, here comes love…again.”

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