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Quencie Interviews R&B Singer/Songwriter Jessica Jolia on Instagram LIVE! [VIDEO]

During our 3-hour interview, we covered everything from Jessica’s music, to her creative process, to her favorite breakfast. I had such a blast in this interview that I made Jessica a ‘Friend’ in my head even before our conversation was officially over.

She was the perfect first guest, which begins a new chapter for my Studio Q interviews during this pandemic. The talent, personality and work ethic that she embodies is not only a triple threat but a rare combination in the world of music. I was blown away to learn about all she has done as an artist both on stage and in the studio. She sings, writes, produces and plays multiple instruments, which is all released on her own record label, Dekada Records.

Check out my first live Studio Q interview on Instagram with the multi-talented artist Jessica Jolia below. Afterwards go stream all of her music and follow her on social at @jessicajolia! You can thank me later!

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