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What You Expect Sits With Jessica Jolia

Jessica Jolia talks about her new song 'No Question', starting a record label and more...

I want to start with your new song “No Question”. It’s a great R&B/ Pop song. I feel like I can hear it on the radio. Was this a song in your arsenal for a while or was it something you recorded and released immediately?

['No Question'] is actually a song that I wrote fairly recently. I recorded a lot of music last year [in light of the pandemic]. With this one, there was a track I had in a folder from a producer; his name is Dizzy Wolfe. I listened to it a [few months] ago [and] I really liked it, but at the time I was working on something else so I put it to the side. So, [about] a month ago, I revisited it and I really [liked it and] wanted to write to it. [What] was cool [was that [Dizzy] titled [the] instrumental [No Question], so I played it off of that.

It’s a great song, I listened to it about 80 times already and it came out yesterday. When a song that good is released are you relieved because you worked so hard on it or are you nervous to hear what people have to say?

I’m always excited when I release new music. [They're] some songs [I've had] in the chamber for a while and some I recorded more recently, but I’m always excited [for each] release.

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